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technology for hot melt application (Heated multi-roll systems, knife technologies and slot die coating process technologies) to match the optimal solution to different viscosities from low to high. That the adhesive dictates which applicator is appropriate, was also shown by Jens Dornis (Bühnen, D-Bremen) using pneu- Fabric Coating Machine - Kerone Fabric coating systems utilize any from the below coating techniques: Hot melt Coating Systems, Slot Die Coating Machine, Reverse Roll Coating Machine, Knife Over Roll Coating and immersion/dip coating. APEX HS Slot Die - Adhesive Applicator - ITW Dynatec - APEX™ High Speed Slot Die The Next Level of Accuracy Two factors that any hot melt operation wants to keep in check are product and adhesive waste. The APEX™ HS Slot Die Adhesive Applicator offers a solution with it’s crisp, clean adhesive cutoff that the competition just can’t match. Slot Die Coating - Kerone

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ITW Dynatec Unveils New Turnkey Precision Hotmelt Slot … ITW Dynatec’s Precision Hot Melt Slot Die system has guaranteed application performance resulting in faster production speeds and reduction of adhesive usage! This highly-accurate and reliable system prevents streaking, permits ultra-thin coatings and maintains industry leading coat weight accuracy. Heated Hoses - Slot Nozzles for Continuous and Intermittent… Heated hoses and hot melt replacement parts. We heat electrically any type of flexible hose, eitherThe P.E. MI Slot Gun has been developed to work in intermittent and high speed applications, with greatStandard Feature Overview for Slot Dies. Teflon coating of all surfaces in contact with hotmelt.

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Slot dies for narrow web up to 1.000 mm. HIP-MITSU high precision slot dies for narrow webs using hot melt adhesives, also PUR and UV curable, enable a precise and accurate adhesive application onto the substrate’s surface. Robatech® FKS 50 compatible coating heads - Slot die head for hot melt glue coating. Coating width 30 mm (after nozzle changing up to 55 mm), two modules with spacing 22 mm (cc), NTC temperature sensor. Coaters | New Era Converting Machinery New Era manufactures a wide variety of aqueous, solvent and hot melt web coating equipment, including gravure, offset gravure, differential offset gravure, slot die, reverse roll, knife over roll (KOR), dip and squeeze, mayer rod, spray, slide and five roll coaters. ITW Dynatec Unveils New Turnkey Precision Hotmelt Slot Die ... ITW Dynatec Unveils New Turnkey Precision Hotmelt Slot Die System! ExactCoatTM Precision Slot Die . Hendersonville, TN – USA (September 01, 2015): ITW Dynatec is excited to launch a new line of precision slot die solutions for the Coating and Laminating industry – ExactCoat TM Precision Slot Die – our Turnkey Precision Hot Melt Slot Dies!

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Surplus New And Used Slot Dies - Surplus New And Used Slot Dies available from Industrial-Stores. Slot dies are web coating dies that are capable of holding a fluid’s temperature, distributing a fluid uniformly in a consistent coating width on to a moving web. Hot Melt Extrusion and Coating and Laminating Machinery